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DV is a service which facilitates dealers in automatically advertising their in inventory on the internet. DV is not a stand-alone system but is integrated in a number of inventory management systems.

The main advantages of DV

Enter data only once

In your system or the system of one of our partners you will need to enter your inventory data only once. You then select the portals to advertise on and DV will take care of the rest. In case you like to receive data we will make sure you will receive the data using your preferred method.

High quality and feedback

Regardless of advertising or receiving data, the actual advertisement status is always available.
For each advertisement DV keeps track if the object has been advertised. In the case of an issue this will be pointed out, along with suggestions to fix the issue. If additional information has been made available by the portal, this will be shared with you as well.

Real time processing

Our philosophy is to process data as fast as possible. Needless to say, this also depends on the capabilities of the systems we communicate with.

Support for many vehicle categories, both used and new

DV support the following vehicle categories: cars, light commercial vehicles, trucks, trailers, buses, machinery (agricultural, constructions, logistics, ...), construction parts, bikes, mopeds, campers, caravans, boats (recreational), bicycles and parts. So if you traded in something you usually do not deal with, you will still be able to advertise it.

An extensive network of connected websites, platforms and portals

Overview of the connected websites, platforms and portals.

For more information, please make a choice between sending or receiving data.

Automatic advertising

Advertise your inventory directly from your inventory management system to over 250 portals

Receiving data

Receive advertisements from over 10.000 dealers


Software Providers

Suppliers of stock management applications and dealer management systems can integrate DV in their software, which will provide a seamless cooperation between the two systems.


Network of links Hexon has realized up to now. All users of the Hexon service DV are able to use the links.


General and technical documention about the integration of DV for receiving and sending data. You can request credentials by contacting your account manager at Hexon.