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DV - Automatic advertising

DV is a service which facilitates dealers in automatically advertising their in inventory on the internet. DV is not a stand-alone system but is integrated in a number of inventory management systems.

The main advantages DV:

  • Enter data only once;
  • High quality;
  • Real-time feedback (advertisement status, statistics, leads);
  • Support for many vehicle categories, both used and new;
  • An extensive network of connected websites, platforms and portals.

Are you a software supplier?

Do you like to offer your clients to advertise their inventory directly from your inventory management system? Please contact Wouter Ewalds or Roel van Os. They will be more than happy to inform you about the possibilities.

The main benefits for you as a software supplier:

  • Create added value for your clients with little effort;
  • DV can be marketed to you own liking;
  • Create additional added value on the basic building blocks of DV;
  • The interface with your system will be tailor made. Hexon will support you during this proces;
  • An extensive API is available for all integration purposes;
  • Partnership with a professional and reliable partner.

Do you want to advertise your inventory?

You have used or new inventory for sale and like to advertise this on several portals in an automated way?

Please contact the supplier of your inventory management system or one of our partners. They will help you to identify your needs and provide you with the optimal solution.

Your benefits:

  • You will use a familiar inventory management system and you will able to advertise on a large number of portals in an automated way;
  • All updates on your inventory will be processed automatically and as quickly as possible;
  • You will have a detailed overview of the actual status of all your advertisements;
  • By using extensive checks you will be directly informed in case incidents occur. The problem and the possible solution will be provided in the feedback;
  • All advertisement related information provided to us by the portal will be available (leads, statistics, etc).

Software Providers

Suppliers of stock management applications and dealer management systems can integrate DV in their software, which will provide a seamless cooperation between the two systems.


Network of links Hexon has realized up to now. All users of the Hexon service DV are able to use the links.


General and technical documention about the integration of DV for receiving and sending data. You can request credentials by contacting your account manager at Hexon.