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DV - Receive data

DV is a service which facilitates dealers in automatically advertising their own inventory on the internet. DV is not a stand-alone system but is integrated in a number of inventory management systems.

Do you like to receive data for multiple dealers and to be added in our network of links? Please contact us!

Your benefits:

  • The interface between DV and your site will be tailor made to perfectly suit your needs;
  • DV will take your policies into account and will directly inform dealers of possible issues. This will greatly lower the amount of failures and reduce the load on the helpdesk;
  • Easily unlock a large group of potential advertisers;
  • DV acts on behalf of the advertiser. Hexon will not charge you for the interface and data delivery;
  • An extensive API is available for administration and support purposes;
  • Partnership with a professional and reliable partner.

Receive data for a dealer website

If you are building a website for your client and you like to receive the inventory in an automatied way, you can use our tool specifically designed for this purpose. Both real time and batch methods are available. Your client can supply you with the necessary credentials.

Software Providers

Suppliers of stock management applications and dealer management systems can integrate DV in their software, which will provide a seamless cooperation between the two systems.


Network of links Hexon has realized up to now. All users of the Hexon service DV are able to use the links.


General and technical documention about the integration of DV for receiving and sending data. You can request credentials by contacting your account manager at Hexon.