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advertise from € 1.99 to 100+ websites without a subscription

DealerConnections offers a wide range of services for the automotive industry: RDW services, used car management, automatic placement of advertisements on all portals and your own website. We are a newcomer to the market and are growing fast. We are critical of our offer and are working daily to improve and expand our services. We only want you to pay for what you need and therefore offer various subscriptions and the option of pay-per-use. We are clear about our prices and do not hold back any costs, so you know what you pay for our services and what you pay for.
DealerConnections is een snelgroeiend bedrijf met een innovatieve kijk op de markt. De tarieven zijn zeer voordelig, u heeft de keuze uit abonnementen en pay-per-use en u kunt ook met uw caravans, scooters en onderdelen bij ons terecht.